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With New Profit, all your printing projects will be efficient and hassle-free. Ordering takes minutes. No matter how simple or complicated, your projects will be printed accurately and to exact specifications.

New Profit Printing Company Limited is in the business of assisting our customers in solving their printing needs. To this end, we are committed to providing the highest quality and craftsmanship in the printing industry. New profit printing is a manufacturer and exporter of paper toys. 100% of our merchandise are exported mainly to the USA and Europe. We hope we can be the leader of this field with high quality, low pricing and good service.

New profit printing has been manufacturing and exporting different kinds of products like Chess game sets, corrugated boxes, Display boxes, PVC boxes.. .etc. With the world trend and competition market, we also invest the factory and run exporting business with the partnership in China. Our products has built a good reputation with customers from almost all- over the world. We always convince our customers with best quality and service.




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