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KODAK MAGNUS 800 Platesetter

When we received CD or artwork from customer, we will check it to see if the artwork is correct and do the necessary modfications according to customers' requirement. If everything is confirmed, we will do the plate-making with this KODAK MAGNUS 800 Platesetter. It's doing the exposure here. The exposure time is usually 50 seconds. By the way, the max. size of the plate is 41*31 inches.


CTP Plate Processor

After the exposure, we take the exposed plate to the CTP Plate processor. This machine will automatically scrub the plate with brush
and positive developer. The procedure needs to be done here includes developing, washing, sometimes gumming, and drying. The finished
plates will be collected by Automatic Plate Collector. The plate is ready after all these steps.


Heidelberg CD-74-6

This is Heidelberg CD-74 6 colors machine. And the max. speed is 15000 pieces one hour. It's mainly for plastic products.


Manrolan R705-3B

Roland 700 : This one is mainly to print color box, cards and boards. The max. printing area is 28*40 inches.



Heidelberg CD-74-5

This is a 5 colors machine, Heidelberg CD-74-5, is usually for manuals, color boxes and other stuff. The max. speed for manual is about 10000 pieces an hour, about 8000 pieces for color boxes and others.


Heidelberg SM52-4

Heidelberg SM52-4 is a 4 colors machine that mainly for manuals and some kinds of cards.


Heidelberg GTO-52-4

GTO-52 : 4 colors machine is mainly for manuals and cards.


Heidelberg GTO-52-5

GTO-52 : 5 colors is also for manual and cards things.


Six colors Label Printing Machine

This is 6 colors Label Printing Machine. It can produce offset quality by the letterpress process, achieving quick start up and low production cost. It will be much more faster than the ordinary ones, from printing, drying to die-cutting. It's mainly for stickers.


High-Speed Cutter POLAR 115

This cutting machine is to cut those printed papers or cards. Usually, this kind of product is regular-shaped, so we don't need the die-cutting machines, what we do is cutting them into pieces with this machine


Laminating Machine

The Laminating Machine is working for glossy or mat P.P. lamination


Paper-Pasting Machine

The Laminator (Paper-Pasting Machine ) is used to effectively bond various cards and boards. And the bigger one is auto corrugated laminator to glue the printed boards and corrugated boards.



UV Coating Machine

This is UV Coating Machine which contains the process of dust-removing, base coating with this water-based UV Primer, UV coating and then UV drying to achieve the effects of smooth and glossy


Screen Printing Machine

This is screen printing machine. It is suitable for those kinds of packing materials and other stuff to achieve stereo effects and many other special effects.


High-speed Folding Box Gluing Machine

This High-speed Folding Box Gluing Machine is widely used to deal with many boxes such as soft and hard standard boxes, special boxes and also corrugated board boxes.


Blister machine


Remark :
Our factory have many different kinds of machines that are not including on the above items.



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